UV LED Light

UV LED Light Applications:
  • Machinery manufacturer / Printing industry
  • Stage light effects: night scene, moonlight, stars, urban scene, etc.
  • Usage: to identify documents, notes, stamps, historical relics and paintings
  • Medical Purpose: enhance the ability of white blood cells, strengthen the immune function, help nervous function, improve sleep quality, and lower blood pressure
  • Treatment to molded processed bean products
LED UV detector has better performance when detecting volume, accuracy or interference resistance. This application applies to wide spectrum, including fluorescent effects, photoelectric effects, photochemical effects, and biological effects. First of all, UV light caused by fluorescent effect is often used in machinery manufacture, criminal investigation, stage lighting effects, or to be used to identify documents, notes, stamps, historical relics and paintings. Secondly, photoelectric effect creates free electrons that cure disease and improve health. Thirdly, photochemical effect is produced when the ultraviolet light reacts with certain substances and it is mostly used in printing or plate making industry. It is also used as treatment for moldy peanuts, soybeans, corn and other processed products, which makes these food products harmless to human body. Lastly, the biological effect is a physiological change caused by the use of different wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation that reacted with body or organism. It is mostly used for medical and health related purposes, especially for the cure of skin diseases like such psoriasis. LED UV light is highly destructive to microorganisms, which is able to enhance the ability of white blood cells, and strengthen the immune function. It also helps with nervous function, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure.

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