Transportation Light & Signal

Light & Signal for Transportation Applications:
  • Traffic light
  • Automobile Signal Light
  • Crossing Light for railways
  • Navigation light
  • Signal Light for unexpected road conditions or road signs
  • Warning Sign for traffic conditions or railway
LED is well known for its pureness in colors, low voltage, small size, and easy for miniaturization. With these advantages and features, LED is commonly used in different applications all over the world, especially in transportation. Transportation applications include traffic lights, automobile lights, road signs and many other display applications. Also, because of the monochromatic nature of LED that is combined with excellent color purity, LED become very competitive and popular in some situations when specific colors are required than merely white light sources. For example, the blue-green (about 505nm) color is very similar to traffic lights and navigation lights, and because of that, the blue-green color is of high demand in the market.

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