Automotive Applications:
  • Meter indicator / Backlight display
  • Signal Light (front & back)
  • Brake Signal Light / Reverse Light
  • Fog Light / Fog Lamp
  • Reading Light / Decorative Lamp
Automotive LED lights can be used in different applications such as illumination light, distribution light and decorative lamp. Illumination light is used mostly for high-end cars in the markets, whereas distribution light is used for meter indicators, automotive back lighting, front & back signal lights, brake light, reverse light, fog light, and reading light. Lastly, decorative lamp is mainly used for color changing effects both internally and externally. Though automotive LED currently cost more than the traditional light bulbs, it is more advantageous in terms of function, plus LED price may get more competitive in the future. Automotive LED need not to be changed often since its duration is proven to last for at least 50,000 hours. Further, LED is environmental friendly because it produces light energy directly from electricity and saves energy. Also, its start time is as short as a few nanoseconds, which is considered highly efficient. LED not only provides a great variety of color selections, but also gives great resistance to vibration and impact. It also works well in different applications, because it has lower temperature and does not over hear easily. Therefore, it is extremely important to give full consideration to characteristics when designing the project. With Apex, all light solutions for automobile components need to go through strict classification and grading to ensure quality.

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