LED Display

LED Display Applications:
  • Bus System: bus station display / schedule display for arrival time and departure time
  • Metro Rapid Transit (MRT System): dot matrix display for message board / station name display
  • Railways / High Speed Railways (Bullet Train) : train schedule display
  • Subway Station: message board display
  • Domestic & International Airport: flight schedule display / passenger information display board
  • Ballpark / Stadium
  • Shopping Malls
Color LED display has become the mainstream of the industry mainly because LED displays are brighter and with higher pixels per unit, it also has better color solutions. Apex Opto Corp is best known for our LED dot matrix display. The brightness and outstanding color solutions are advantages that made LED an ideal choice for displays, especially for public displays that are to be viewed from a distance. Evidences of LED displays been used commonly in many places can be found easily, for examples, ballpark, tennis court, playground, gym, stadium, shopping center, mall, or even bus stop, train station and other transportation stations. Most importantly, LED digital display is able to decide the lighting spots of the whole configuration. However, LED dot matrix display, with its research and development in technology can achieve greater viewing angle and higher contrast. It is more commonly used for larger display panels.

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