Backlight Applications:
  • LCD Display/ Television
  • Note Book / Portable Media Player
  • PND/ GPS
  • Portable Media Player
  • Net Book / Tablet PC
LED has great tendency of replacing the traditional lighting as many related industry is researching and developing on this new generation light source. Other than LED lamps, LED backlight also played a significant role in LED applications. Although the original use of backlight source is CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), LED backlight technology is considered the best alternative with many advantages. First of all, LED backlight does not require traditional lamps or light reflection device, and by saving up the extra space it reduces the thickness of LCD products effectively, especially for screens. Secondly, LED backlight technology endures longer and its stable brightness does not decline over time. Moreover, LED backlight has great color performance and can easily access more than 100% of the NTSC color zone. With low voltage advantage, LED is better than CCFL both in price and in terms of power efficiency. Lastly, LED backlight comforts the eyes and can be used in LCD monitors, TV applications and many other applications, which we see great business potential in this industry.

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