LED Applications
LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source consists of positive and negative electrode chips, which was first used mainly as indicators such as signal lights, pilot lamps or displays. However, with the continuous effort and progress made to developing this industry and technology, LED has become one of the most important new light sources in 21st century. LED is also known as Solid-State Lighting (SSL), which its usage is now a trend and may replace the traditional light bulbs or fluorescent lighting in the near future. Also, some of its strengths and advantages are high efficiency, super long life expectancy, and is much more robust than the traditional lighting. In addition, LED has been widely used in our daily lives because it endures longer, reduces energy consumption, prevents pollution and protects the environment.

The emission wavelength of LED light source not only determines the color, it also categorizes LED into two categories for different application purposes - visible light and non-visible light. For visible light, it is generally used in applications such as traffic lights, traffic signals, automotive lightings, backlights, sign boards, and other displays, etc. However, visible light with high brightness and high power are mainly used for indoor display and lighting. A good example of non-visible light would be infrared ray, which is used majorly for remote controls of all kinds, power supply switches, sensors, etc. LED functions with higher brightness, lower voltage, and displays pureness in colors. Most importantly, it is small in size and easy for miniaturization.

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