About Us

Company Profile
APEX OPTO CORPORATION was established in November 2002 and after years of persistent hard work with commitments, we have gradually become a professional optical company that produces quality LED and LED related products. Also, with our devotion and dedication to LED production and developments, we have accumulated rich experience and achieved success in the industry, especially in producing Dot Matrix. However, we continuously strive for improvement and make changes to ensure our technology development remains as the lead in the industry, our manufacture products are with excellent quality, marketing strategies stay innovative and customer service is above and beyond expectations. Although Apex is not the type of company with a long history, our team has decades of LED production experiences and we are confident to say that we have the most experienced team with LED expertise, knowledge and excellent production technology.

Apex has also worked with multinational system designers in major projects. For these projects, we also helped creating customization specifications; therefore we are experienced and capable of working with system designers and contract manufactures with customized specifications. Further, Apex has its main focus on leading the innovation in product and technology as well as manufacturing superb LED products. Our goal is to provide effective solution, quality product, effective delivery time and competitive pricing. Apex is always seeking for opportunity and wishes to build and maintain strong long term relationships with our clients.

Business Strategies
Apex Opto Corporation is dedicated to:
(1) provide quality products to customers
(2) provide outstanding customers experience with high expectations
(3) maintain honest management, and to perpetuate business with diverse possibilities

Company History
Our office is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and manufacture factory is located in Jiang-men City, China. Also, Apex Opto Corp granted with ISO9001 certification in 2008 and passed CNS14555 authentication for product production.
Year 2002 :
Apex Opto Corp was established in November 2002 and is devoted to LED production and development. Initial capital started at USD$ 500,000
Year 2002 :
Head office and R& D started in December 2002, as well as the US Sales Office in La Verne, California.
Year 2006 :
Manufacturing factory was newly built in Jiang-men City, China. Estimated Area of factory: 73194.59 Square Feet.
Year 2007 :
In May, capital is increased to $ 1,000,000 USD
Year 2007 :
In December, Apex is granted with ISO9001: 2000 certification.